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Pre-Tax Investing
Discover the power of pre-tax investing

Better than a 401k or

any tax deduction


Over 20 tax planning

strategies available


Put away up to $10M, 2-3x

your investment returns


Rescue your tax dollars and put them to work! Q4 is the time to do your tax planning and make sure you are set up for maximum tax savings for 2022.


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LIMITLESS Real Estate Fund offers a unique pre-tax investing program that enables investors to make their investment tax-deductible against their 2022 taxes. The investment/contribution would flow through one of our tax structures and then into the fund, gaining the investor both a tax refund and fund-level returns (instead of just fund-level returns alone). We have over 15 proprietary tax
planning strategies available to get our investors into a zero/single-digit tax bracket!

Who can this help?
  • W-2 employees

  • Business owners

  • Anybody facing a large capital gains tax bill from sale of stock, crypto, real estate, business, etc.


Our unique tax-planning strategies can reduce BOTH your capital gains and income tax down to zero or low single-digits, regardless of how much money you make. Stop handing over your hard-earned profits to Uncle Sam!

The common belief is that we’re required by law to pay capital gains tax when we sell real estate or personal property, but this isn’t always the case. Depending on how your profits are classified and your
total taxable income for the year, it IS possible to decrease your capital gains tax rate down to ZERO. We have tax planning advanced strategies that you can implement TODAY to mitigate your capital
gains tax liability, while simultaneously reducing your income tax liability.

There are strategies in the US tax code that are well beyond the scope of services of regular CPA’s, tax attorneys and other financial advisors. There are over 2 million financial advisors in the United States, and of these 2 million, only 300 are Fiduciary Advisors that offer wealth and tax planning.


We can put you back in the driver’s seat of your financial goals by giving you the power to choose the
most attractive features and benefits from 15 different strategies, including:

  • Monthly supplemental income from assets while earning competitive returns.

  • Removing new funds from your taxable estate to build generational wealth.

  • Reducing your income tax bracket while paying ZERO capital gains tax.

  • Helping your favorite charity - using the taxable dollars to make the donation.

  • PLUS: These advanced capital gains tax avoidance strategies apply to “short” and “long” term capital gains tax rates

  • Our team of investment, tax, and insurance advisors have a combined total of over 100 years of experience.

Imagine how your wealth would grow without a 30-50% tax bill every year!

Book a call with us today to find out how you can pay little to zero capital gains and income tax!

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