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Park Ave 5

Hello investors!

We are excited about our next investment opportunity, Park Ave 5! This offering consists of construction of 5 new luxury homes plus ADU’s in Kennydale, a township a few miles south of Bellevue in North Renton. We aim to complete construction within 18 months, with a projected ROI of 45% within two years.

This is a beautiful piece of property with lake views to the North and South (aerial view below), and large 8000 sqft lots per home. Given the large lots, we are able to construct ADU’s (additional dwelling units) in addition to the main home on each lot, giving the future owner Airbnb potential or room for extended family / guests.

Investment Highlights

Here's why we love this investment opportunity: 

Strong returns:  Projected ROI of 45% for investors at an IRR of 20%.

Land comes with civil permits: We can start horizontal construction
immediately and complete all 5 homes within 18 months or less.


Large lots: 8000 sqft lots allow placement of both 3500 sqft single family
home + 700 sqft ADU on each lot.


Great location and access: Centrally located and within a 20-minute drive

of SeaTac International Airport, Bellevue, and Seattle cities.

Unique diversification benefits: The Lone Star Portfolio allows you to capitalize on the growth and upside of both multifamily deals while diversifying your investment across two markets and properties, limiting your single-asset risk.

Tax benefits: Your investment is tax-deductible against your 2022 taxable
income, whether from a W-2 job or business income/sale of asset. This is a unique, special program we offer for free to our investors.


This offering will fill up quickly. If you are interested in investing alongside with us in this opportunity, please register for our next investor webinar.

Investment Details
Investment Type

506(c) Reg D multifamily offering from LIMITLESS Real Estate Fund accepting investments from accredited investors only

Asset Class

construction of 5 new single family homes + ADUs

Investment Strategy

Purchase land (comes with civil permits), complete horizontal construction within 6 months, and vertical construction within 12 months following.

Projected Hold Period

2 years

Minimum Investment


Targeted Returns

Total projected return of 45% ROI at a 20% IRR.

Distribution Timing

Investors receive returns once homes are sold, estimated

within 2 years of project start.

Tax Advantages

Investments (up to $10M) are tax deductible for 2022 tax

year via our unique Pre-tax investing program.

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