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Burien 24

Hello investors!

We are thrilled to present our next investment offering: Burien 24! This offering consists of a new, build-to-rent 24-unit apartment complex in Seattle WA. We aim to provide 8% annual returns plus 50/50 profit share for this particular project, for a projected ROI of over 60% in five years. As always, we aim to provide at least 12% IRR to our investors for all of our projects, or $120,000 per year for every $1 million invested. 

Burien is a fast-growing suburb in south Seattle, with close proximity to Seattle/Bellevue cities, SeaTac airport, and Southcenter Mall. This project will provide great housing options for working individuals and families with its larger 2- bed and 3-bed units. This project is also a nice addition to our investors' portfolio, providing strong and stable cashflow as built-to-rent instead of built-to-sell, and a good hedge during this time of economic turbulence.

Investment Highlights

Here's why we love this investment opportunity: 

Strong and stable returns:

  • 8% annual (preferred) return paid out each year

  • Plus an additional 50/50 profit share

  • Projected ROI of 60% and 12% IRR minimum

Land comes with full building permits: We can start construction
immediately and complete all 24 units in 12 months or less


Large units: 24 large units with a mix of 2-bed/1-bath and 3-bed/2-bath

Great location and access: Within a 5-minute drive of SeaTac International Airport, I-5, and Washington SR 509. Near many popular local amenities such as Westfield Southcenter Mall, Highline SeaTac Botanical Garden, North SeaTac Park, and Rainier Golf and Country Club. Close proximity to downtown Seattle, Amazon HQ, etc.

Strong rental base: Strong job market in Seattle and Bellevue and
shortage of available housing should allow for units to be filled quickly


Unique diversification benefits: Capitalize on the growth and upside of
new construction multifamily appreciation while also receiving annual cash flow from rents.


Tax benefits: Your investment is tax-deductible against your 2022 taxable
income, whether from a W-2 job or business income/sale of asset. This is a unique, special program we offer for free to our investors.

This offering will fill up quickly. If you are interested in investing alongside with us in this opportunity, please register for our next investor webinar.

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Investment Details
Investment Type

506(c) Reg D multifamily offering LIMITLESS Real Estate Fund - accepting investments from accredited investors only

Asset Class

New Construction multi-family apartment complex

Investment Strategy

Purchase land (comes with full building permits), construct all 24 units within 24 units within 12 months, then rent for 3-4 years to capture appreciation. Investors receive monthly/quarterly distribution during this Hold period. At the end of 5 years, refinance to exit investors and return original capital in addition to 50/50 profit share.

Projected Hold Period

5 years

Minimum Investment


Projected Returns

8% annual return + 50/50 profit share. Minimum total projected return of 60% ROI and 12% IRR

Distribution Timing

Annual return of 8% to be paid annually for duration of project.


Additional rent distributions to be paid monthly/quarterly and estimated to begin ~12 months after closing.

Tax Advantages

Investments (up to $10M) are 100% tax deductible for 2022 tax year via our unique Pre-tax investing program.

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Screen Shot 2022-07-11 at 2.22.44 PM.png
Don’t miss out on these Tax advantages!

We have a unique and powerful "pre-tax investing" program available to our investors, where any investment in this project can provide a tax deduction (up to $10M) against your 2022 income, whether from a W-2 job, business income, sale of an asset, or virtually any type of income source. Investors have up to December 31st to make a contribution for the 2022 tax year. Let us know if you would like to
know more!

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