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About Us

Shawn and his wife Sydney began their real estate journey as many do: Buying their first house in 2015, and then growing a portfolio of single-family rentals. Shawn worked as a W2 employee (and still does) as a technology and sales professional at Microsoft and other tech companies, but after over a decade of religiously contributing to his employer’s 401k plan, he realized their real estate portfolio was worth many times more than his 401k portfolio! It was then that they decided to double down on real estate.

However, Shawn was a busy working professional (and a father of four energetic kids to boot!) and it was difficult to actively invest in real estate. He also realized that there were many other W2 employees around him in the same predicament – making great tech incomes but investing in the mediocre returns of mutual funds (and with post-tax money!) and even volatile assets like stocks and crypto in hopes of eking out some better returns and exiting the rat race one day to retire. To further compound the problem, not a single financial advisor was talking about the power of real estate, which power the fortunes of nearly 90% of millionaires in this country!

Suburban Homes

Because of this, Shawn and Sydney decided to start LIMITLESS Real Estate Fund, a community for working professionals to invest in real estate and to build wealth and resources to make the world a better place. The fund invests in single family and multi-family new construction and build-to-rent real estate, and combines this with the power of tax planning to provide double-digit annual returns for all of its projects. A portion of the fund’s profits goes to education-based initiatives that are focused on equipping and empowering the next generation.  

If you want to build wealth (and enjoy it in a timely fashion!) you need two things: 


1) Double-digit returns and cashflow from equity in tangible assets


2) Tax planning to make sure you keep as much of your income and investment returns as possible. 


Enter LIMITLESS Capital. A place where your money grows exponentially and will beat nearly anything available to the average investor today. 

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